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A Letter From Kelly Karch

I started my career in Animal Control 16 years ago in 2007. My love of animals brought me to the profession, but I was unprepared for how complex the day to day in Animal Control would be. It was through the NJCACOA and its members that I was provided guidance, and support that ultimately allowed me to navigate through the many challenges I would come across, and excel as an Animal Control Officer. There are so many aspects of the job that can only be learned in the field. 

Animal control is such an extremely diverse profession. It is important to have an association that you can go to that can help get you through some of the unique situations you may run across, or just have other like-minded individuals to speak with that can understand what you face in the day-to-day. Every incident we respond to has a unique set of circumstances that needs to be handled accordingly. There are no clear-cut responses in this profession, details do matter. 

I appreciate the need for this organization and the support that it provides all of us working as Animal Control Officers. I served as the boards Central Regional Director for a few years, prior to serving as the boards vice president. I’m honored to be able to serve the New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officers Association and work to enhance the profession and legislature that will support ACOs, New Jersey Communities and animal welfare across the state.


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