Upcoming Webinars and Training

Wednesday, June 23rd
12:00 Noon

Disaster Response/
An ACO’s Responsibility

Grab lunch and join us at this zoom meeting.

The session will be about 30 minutes of training and 30 minutes of participant input or questions.
Any interested ACO should contact Carol Tyler, Northern Regional Director at tycoacs@aol.com for the link to join the session.

Since the onset of covid we have developed a new skill—virtual meetings. Although Covid was truly a devastating situation it has taught us a way to meet regularly without leaving our own service areas. We feel this makes our lives much easier and we're sure many in our field feel the same way.

We hope to run these sessions every month. It will be a good opportunity to learn, and improve all of our skills by listening and mentoring each other. To maintain our professional skills, we need to stay on top of the changes in our jobs and communities.