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Vice President's Message



Dear NJCACOA Members,

I would like to start by saying how great it is to be representing such a fine group of people as the Vice President of NJCACOA. I have been a member of the Board for this association for years and it has been a pleasure, a challenge and a learning experience that I will never forget. I look forward to our new goals being set and willing to meet all our new challenges ahead.

By now we're all getting use to all the changes that were made with the economy and cut backs and we're still getting the job done. It's causing us to work longer and harder but from what I'm seeing, we as Animal Control Officers / Animal Cruelty Investigators are still doing what we set out to do. It just goes to show our continuing dedication to our careers with helping animals.

As an association we need to try and increase our memberships in the next year and continue to fund raise to promote more education. I urge our current members to talk to other ACO's. Please encourage them to join and take advantage of being a member of such a fine organization so they can also become a part of all the future things coming. We are looking for new ideas and faces to help us to move forward in a positive way. We are anxious to start grooming the right people to take the torch and run with it.

In closing I want us to always remember to BE and ACT as a Professional in the field and make our association and your profession proud. Remember, "DON'T TALK THE TALK - WALK THE WALK !!"

Steve Bordi
NJCACOA Vice President



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