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President's Message



As an association we strive to educate and support Animal Control Officers across the state. In this profession, there are many challenges, risks and responsibilities. The injustices we see and deal with are a direct reflection of today's society. Animals are often neglected and left behind and we find ourselves not only caring for the animals but educating the public.

We know our efforts are not always recognized, appreciated or understood. Your words and actions speak volumes about you and the profession. Many pass judgment on our character. We know we are making a difference…each and every one of us.

Staying professional and balanced is paramount. The association…YOUR association…recognizes what it takes to do the job. I encourage you to invite others to join our organization. You don't want to miss out on the plans we have for the year ahead!

I look forward to us working together in the upcoming year.

Professionally yours,

Lisa Perry
NJCACOA President

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